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Ingersoll watches was founded by Robert and Charles who are known as the ďIngersoll brothersĒ in the American watch industry since 1892. Ingersoll Watches are designed for people with high punctual expectation as they consider time-keeping to be a fundamental part of life.

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The new Welder model K29 8006 has a new stand out look with its 53mm steel, AISI 316 L IPB blue treatment case its a real eye catcher.
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Wenger watches being founded in October 1997 in Switzerland has now been circulated all over the world. Linkswatches has come to understand that these watches are not just for time-keeping but the collection of Wenger now includes a wholesome of stylish watches on sale just for you.
Citizen watch company was first established in 1918. Over the years, they have achieve recognition as a global leading brand for innovation and also being the world's largest watchmaker.

Seiko, a well known brand that was established in 1881, have created over 500 different movement samples. Seiko has been recognised with many awards presented by other leading authorities.

Burberry founded in 1856 in England by Thomas Burberry, is one of the famous and luxurious brands in the world. Burberry watches are famous for their simple yet unique design.
Welder watches, designed by Italo Fontana, are one of the most unsual timepiece ever created. Here at Linkswatches we have a great collection of Welder.

Emporio Armani was a typical American production but is now recognized all around the world since being founded in 1975. This brand is one of the most commercial successful designers in European history.

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